those are called scooters and they come in the traditional foot-power model as well as an electric version, too. The larger kind use wheels similar in size to a child's bicycle and the base and the engine are much bigger, too. These are not nearly as popular because of the noise of the small motor and the smell of gas after filling up the tank. As more and more people become concerned over the rising costs of electricity, they are turning to solar power to help them operate their scooters.

Electric power scooters. They can come in 3 or 4 wheel models. There are dog powered scooters. Online are a few different do it yourself kits to turn your electric scooter into a solar powered one.. Similar to the electric power scooters, gas powered scooters offer mobility to adults who are not able to get around quickly or for longer periods of time. These scooters can cost anywhere between $1000 and $8000, depending on the accessories and the power of the motor as well as the design (since some are mainly for indoor use while others are built heavy duty to handle all kinds of weather).. In fact, these are increasingly rare as people turn to the electric power scooters for the increased safety they assure. They are powered by a battery under the seat which is about the size of a car battery.
You may also find one that will fit on the canopy of your scooter. They look similar to the children's scooters except that they have a harness to connect the dog to. You can get a solar charger and keep it at your home.. (Consider the husky, for example, who live this kind of hauling life in the far North). Very little changes with the design of the scooter; the bigger change is in how the battery itself is recharged. Another type of scooter, popular among an older generation, is the scooter that allows people with limited mobility to get around easily.
Dog powered scooters. Perhaps you've seen children driving around on what looks to be a small skateboard with wheels in the front and rear, and handles. There are several kinds and we'll look at each one.
Solar power scooters. They actually come in two sizes: the smaller size uses wheels that look like they came off of a roller blade: the whole scooter is very small, as is the engine. At first, this may seem very unusual way to power a scooter but the dogs seem to take to it, since some dogs are naturally hard working dogs. The dog runs along beside the scooter and the scooter operator steers and assists movement with his or her foot. These scooters can retail for anywhere between $30 and $200, depending on the brand and the power attachment.
Gas power scooters. Yes, you read that right. These batteries are rechargeable and allow the scooters to go up to about 8 miles per hour.If you are online shopping for power scooters, this guide will help you find the kind of power scooters you are looking for.
Children's power scooters.. They take small batteries and are very popular among water-cooled motor school aged children.and usually basket in the front. These are fairly wide and have a single chair and handlebars.

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