There are several different kinds of electric sharpeners.

Diamond stones are the best quality stone used in electric sharpeners because their properties will not change due to heat. Some also include a pre sharpening stage, useful when you are beginning with very dull knives.
Although electric sharpeners can be a little more expensive than manual ones, they are very convenient to use, and produce a nice, sharp edge with minimal effort. These types of sharpeners have a guide to keep your knife in exactly the right cooling tower motor position to create a perfectly sharp blade. Due to their hardness, electric sharpeners with diamond blades will sharpen your knives very fast, making it possible to over sharpen them in a short period of time.Electric sharpeners are one of the easiest ways to sharpen your knives. Particularly useful if you do a lot of sharpening or have to remove a lot of material to expose a sharp edge on your knives, an electric sharpener is a good choice to make the job go much faster. Be aware that depending on the grit of the wheel, the sharpening process can go very fast. The angle guide on most electric sharpeners makes this next to impossible. To use this type of electric sharpener, hold the knife at the desired angle against the spinning wheel. Some are in the form of a spinning wheel.
Many electric sharpeners have two or even three stages so that the same machine can be used for sharpening and honing the blade, going from coarse to fine grit in just one stroke. To use an electric knife sharpener of this type, simply hold the blade straight while it is in the mechanism. This wheel, often referred to as a 'wet wheel', is usually used with oil or water. The adjustable angle makes it easy to ensure that your knife will be sharpened using the correct angle; knives are designed to have a particular angle on the blade.
An electric sharpener can be used to sharpen both straight and serrated knives, as long as they fit in the knife guides. The electric sharpener will do all of the work for you.
Most electric sharpeners, however, are a pull through type. Some electric sharpeners also have a clamp to fix the knife blade in a set angle against the spinning wheel. Only sharpen serrated knives in the  finishing  side of a two stage sharpener. A top of the line knife sharpener can last for years and extend the life of your knives. It will only take 2 to 3 passes to sharpen most knives, with the total sharpening process under a minute in most cases. Be careful not to over sharpen your knife, which is possible especially if your knife was relatively sharp to begin with. Electric knife sharpeners work the same as a sharpening stone, except that the machine does all of the work. When sharpening a knife manually, it is easy to sharpen to an incorrect angle.
Most electric sharpeners have an adjustable angle guide, with removable sharpening stones or ceramic plates to polish the knife using a desired grit.

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